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Thursday, July 22, 2010

More deep stuff.

Let me ask you a serious question. If you have children, say, two. They both die. Do you use one medium sized casket or use two child caskets?

My thinking is, you put both corpses into the medium sized casket and bury them that way. What do they care, they're dead. Now, the advantages are you only have to hold one funeral. That means less fuel used to get people there since they only have to go once. Also less wood used to make caskets. Less flowers, etc, etc.

Offended? You shouldn't be, I'm thinking of the planet here god damn it. Where's YOUR green ideas, huh? It's about efficiency.

Here's another funeral related thing I've been wondering. Is it at all appropriate to throw up the horns at a funeral? Why? Well, I'm not sure. But, I mean, in general, is that okay for any reason?

Also, would anyone be offended if I brought a hand puppet to a funeral? That's a pretty significant one. Maybe I don't put on a show or anything, a joke or too perhaps but he just comes along. You know, to pay his respects.

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