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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Game Noir.

So there I was, sitting there. Where? There. Right there, as usual. It was a dark stormy night and I had been sitting there for a while. Thinking? Wishing? Dreaming of a better tomorrow? No, just sitting. There.

And then, there, where I was, I realized something. Something that I had been suppressing, to the best of my abilities for what felt like a lifetime. But, being only a man, I could suppress it no longer. The inevitable conclusion to another chapter of my life was about to come to an end, a fight I could no longer win. I had to take a shit.

So where I was, sitting there. Where? There, the toilet. It was your ordinary bathroom. Dark, dank, the kind of bathroom you might find any kind of scum and villainy in if they had to take a shit and happened to be near that location. I sat there thinking about life. I thought about man kind. Where was it headed? Why are we here? Why is this room called a bathroom when there was no bathtub to be found? Why is it called a driveway when you park there? Shouldn't it be called a parkway? I'm sure the answers were out there but I didn't have them. Would I find them someday? Only time would tell.

So, yeah... I hope the new Max Payne game doesn't suck.

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