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Monday, June 14, 2010

You know what pisses me off? RATE THIS VIDEO!

Attention youtube goers and video uploaders. You do not need to tell me to "rate 5" or "thumbs up" or "rate this video!" or "subscribe!" on your video. Seriously. These pleading, begging, annoying annotations are a major pet peeve of mine, ESPECIALLY when you fill the entire screen with them so I can't even see the fucking video anymore.

You need to stop doing this and let the quality of your video speak for itself. I'll decide if your video deserves a thumbs up or your stuff is interesting enough for me to subscribe. Now I know what you might be thinking "just turn annotations off!" but no, I actually use them. How? If I see any such annotation asking me to vote, subscribe, etc, I automatically give the video a thumbs down.

And that pains me because sometimes I really like the video, but I have no choice if you're going to resort to ridiculous bullshit like this to get high ratings and subscriptions. I want to give a thumbs up guys, I really do.

But seriously... stop it. Seriously.

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