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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Should we argue about religion?

Don't make any mistakes, I'm not suggesting by the title of this post that we join hands and sing in peace with the crazies, I just wonder if it still has any point.

Why should we bother, at this point, to argue about religion with ANYONE? Does it actually serve any purpose? How many people are, in the face of evidence, going to simply drop their beliefs and join the sane people? Is it just a waste of time?

I really don't think it's worth doing. I haven't seen too many religious people that are actually interested in listening to science and fact. They don't care about any evidence you have that contradicts their beliefs. You've got the crazies that simply don't want to hear anything you have to say and, perhaps worse, the ones that actually try to argue but use no logic whatsoever.

"You can't prove god DOESN'T exit!" and such. Proving a negative is a silly thing to propose in the first place. Religious people are just as incapable of proving that Thor doesn't exist as everyone else is of proving the non-existence of god. It's a false argument. I could list a hundred other examples but... why? I look at sites like reddit.com that has a section devoted to atheists. You'll see articles all the time pushing science, evidence, reason, thought, etc.

It just seems like beating a dead horse with a redwood tree at this point. I mean, why continue? They've got nothing, they never had anything. I don't think religion needs disproving at this point. It's 2010, why are we still discussing this? I'm not saying we shouldn't be combating religious bullshit. We have to. They want to fill our schools, government and lives with their garbage. That has to be fought. But arguing with them on the merits of the religions themselves? Pointless, I say.

You'd be better off proving that I'm not secretly a giant purple monkey, king of mars and half of jupiter.

Because, you know, I am.

Edit: To clarify, I mean we SHOULD be "combating religious bullshit" as in, keeping it out of our schools and government. I meant we should NOT be simply arguing the merits of religious claims.


  1. > Proving a negative is a silly thing to propose in the first place.

    Actually it's possible: http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/richard_carrier/theory.html

  2. Should we argue religion? absolutely. Does it work? Is there a point? YES. the number of people who are not religious is growing. Being a man of logic and reason, you have to ignore the anecdotal evidence (they just cover their ears and go la la la la la, they never listen to what you say, etc), and look at the numbers. People ARE letting go of religion. If you stop arguing, then someone else's voice is going to be heard and not yours. What's their message?


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