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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So in my very recent quest to find the worlds tallest midget, I happened across some information on google. Apparently the legal limit to be considered a midget is 4 foot 10 inches tall, no taller.

What I'm wondering now is, probably because I need sleep, is could you change that at will? I mean, does the legal height limitation of 4 foot 10 inches include hairstyle? Hats? Shoes? could you, say, slip on a big hat and suddenly not be a legal midget any more? Maybe some boots or, for the ladies, heels? Could you swap back and forth and it be 100% legal and legit?

I'm guessing something like stilts definitely WOULDN'T count, while shoes or hats might. Hairstyle? Why wouldn't it count? I'm not sure. What about a pogo stick? What if the person was a midget but then developed a large growth on the bottom of both feet? These are the questions you never hear those so-called "scienists" and "intelligent people" raise. Why is that? Why am I the only one asking for the truth?

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