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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How are Giraffes transported?

Here's something I've been wondering lately, how exactly are Giraffes transported?

Why do I wonder this? Well, my mother and sister recently went to a local fair... thing... and they had one. It was, apparently, big as hell. Now I don't think they raised it at the fair grounds, right there, it's whole life, just waiting for that one fair where it would really steal the show so... how did they get it there?

Personally I imagine a trailer with a sunroof and a large neck sticking out about 10 feet catching the breeze. But that may be my insanity talking, or maybe it is.

In order to put my mind at ease so it could find something else strange to ponder, I did a google search and found this.

Supposedly there aren't very many of those vehicles in the U.S. I can believe it, I know I've never seen one. But there's one mystery of the universe solved.

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