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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The new Twitter UI is dumb. Here's how to fix it.

So Twitter got a redesign and now that everyone has been forced to use it, most people dislike or just outright hate it. Fortunately, there does seem to be a way to fix the problem in the form of a browser addon. There's a Firefox and Google Chrome version. How long these will continue to work, I don't know. But for now, here's the links.

Firefox: GoodTwitter

Chrome: GoodTwitter

Or, just open the addon interface in your browser and search for "GoodTwitter" without the quotes. Let me know if this works, or stops working, for you.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Stop calling them "journalists."

So I thought I would post more on here than just recent YouTube uploads. I haven't done that in some time, so here goes.

I think we need to stop referring to people who blog about video games professionally as "journalists."

Back at the start of GamerGate, it was pretty clear to a lot of people that something was rotten with gaming "journalism." While GG was well-meaning, I think it was ultimately ignorant as to what the true issue was. You see, we thought the problems involved a lack of ethics, journalistic standards, professionalism. We contacted advertisers to pull sponsorship from unethical news sources and petitioned them to update their policies.

After a while, it became clear that we weren't just looking at a slight lack of ethics. Journalism as a whole, video game or otherwise, had been infiltrated by radicals. Political extremists, mostly of the far-left variety. People who were trying to use their status as "journalists" to push their politics. These people weren't just lacking in "journalistic professionalism" they were out of their mind. They were never "journalists" to begin with.

You'll see stuff like this all the time. These people complaining about and outright attacking their audience, gamers. They have no standards, no professionalism, very little actual sanity. They're activists. At best, they aren't gaming journalists, they're bloggers.

That's what I propose we call them from this point forward. Gaming bloggers. As bad as most "journalism" these days is, these people are even worse than that. These people aren't reporting objective facts, digging up information people need and treating their audience fairly. They certainly don't deserve the title of journalist.

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fuse Man - Mega Man 11 #5

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I can't stop playing! - Human Fall Flat #3

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The REAL "woke" way to shave!

So there was a bit of a controversy, more like a blip, regarding razor company gillette and an ad. The ad is more of that "toxic masculinity, men bad, be better!" trash. Surprise surprise, people generally don't like to be preached to by a fucking razor blade company. Just make the shaving shit, alright? Gillette doesn't care about this. They're trying to make money by preaching to HASHTAG WOKE stooges who will eat that shit up without thinking.

"But but but it's a positive message!" you cry, chewing on your favorite snack of lead paint chips while wearing your pants on your head, "What's the harm there?"

Stereotyping men is no better than stereotyping women. If one is bad so is the other one. No one goes to gillette for advice on making a better world. They just wanna shave. Some are applauding their HASHTAG WOKE nonsense and others threatening to boycott and switch to a different brand. For those wanting to ditch gillette, I have a great solution for you. A safety razor.

Ditch your disposables, multi-blade cartridges and listen. Safety razors have been coming back in style due to people realizing just how good they are, and just how much money they can save. I've been using one for a while and I'll never go back. Ever. Here's what you'll need.

A safety razor. These are non-disposable handles that will, if treated properly, last longer you than you do. You'll also want a brush and maybe a stand. Here's an inexpensive set.

Another thing you'll want is some shaving soap, or creme. I personally like the soap and Amazon has a nice selection.

Lastly, some razor blades! Yep, you'll be shaving with actual, real, SHARP razor blades. Not 4 or 5 shitty blades, just one good one at a time. Get yourself a cheap variety pack, shave with them, see which brand you prefer. Get yourself cheap sample pack of blades to try.

Once you've gone through those, or you've tried them all at least once and are sure of you're favorite brand, it's time to buy them in bulk. Here's where the MASSIVE SAVINGS start! Prices are similar between brands but, let's just say you've decided that you like the shave from the Astra Superior Platinum blades. Okay, you can buy 100 of them for about $25. Each one of these razor blades will last you around 5 to 7 shaves. Do the math on that and get back with me. Don't forget to figure out how long they'll last.

Get it yet? Amazing, right? From now on you've only got the cost of those INCREDIBLY CHEAP blades and some shaving soap or creme. It may take a bit to get used to shaving with a safety razor, but once you do, it's incredible. And don't worry about hurting yourself either, they're called "safety razors" for a reason. Newbies may nick themselves but it won't be any worse than regular disposables. This is, in my opinion, the ultimate way to shave. For more information, check out the Geofatboy YouTube channel.

Let me know what you thought! Come check out my YouTube channel I've got gaming videos, funny stuff and streams every single day!