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Thursday, October 11, 2018

The left is just as shit as the right and I can prove it!


No, BOTH sides are bad. The right and the left. The Democrats and the Republicans. Why? I'll tell you why right now.

They're both filled with people!

Yep! Both sides are shitty because PEOPLE ARE SHITTY!


You are probably just fine. To quote Men In Black... "A person is smart... people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

Look how many groups turn to garbage after enough time has passed. Churches, unions, charity organizations, hashtag movements, etc, etc. Even something that started with the best intentions will inevitably go to shit because people in large numbers are shit. Listen, the only political party I've ever been registered with was the Democratic Party. The only candidate I've EVER voted for was Barack Obama. When he first ran for president, I voted for him once in the Louisiana state primary and again in the general election. That's it.

I didn't support or vote for Trump during the most recent presidential election. I didn't vote for anybody, because I disliked both Trump AND Hillary! But you know what I want now? I want the Republicans to sweep the upcoming elections. All of them. Every single one, every single time, for years if it takes it. I want the Democratic party to fail and fail and fail and never stop failing until they get their fucking act together. The "progressive" party has become a bunch of regressive paranoid lunatics.

I used to think the Dems were better. Maybe they were, if only by a little bit. I don't think so anymore. The left has become unhinged, violent, crazy, detached from reality. I'm sure you've seen it. Every single victory is a sign from above that they were the chosen people meant to lead America to a great WOKE AF future. Every single loss is merely the result of some kind of RUSSIAN NAZI ROBOT conspiracy. I don't know why this happened, I didn't see it coming.

Even the Dems mascot, Hillary Clinton, is now openly advocating for violence against fellow citizens who vote differently, or as they like to call it, incivility. I'm not fan of the right, but I'm no longer a fan of the left either.

As someone who has never been a Republican or voted for a Republican, at this point I say... vote Republican. Turn this entire country blood red and KEEP IT THAT WAY until the left realizes what all this craziness and extreme behavior is doing. They seem to think that they're OWED election victories because they're the better party, obviously right? Those other guys are NAZIS! RUSSIAN AGENTS! WHITE SUPREMACISTS! MISOGYNISTS! ADDITIONAL THING!

Nah, fuck that and fuck you guys.


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