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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Product Review: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone.

So instead of a nonsensical incoherent rant about politics, I thought I'd talk about something I got a while back and love the hell out of. The Sony MDR7506 headphones. These are what's known as monitors. That means instead of trying to enhance or boost any particular part of the audio, it tries to be as accurate as possible. Portraying the sound exactly as it was recorded and mastered.

Monitors are very popular among professionals, who need to hear the audio as accurately as possible. They're also a hit among purists and audiophiles. I'm no audiophile myself, but I definitely have a better appreciation for high quality audio after using these for a while. I use them for... everything. I don't have speakers hooked up to my PC so if I'm at my computer, I'm wearing these headphones. Considering that I do most of my gaming and TV watching on my PC, that's a lot.

I know this sounds like a giant ad, but I assure you I'm not being paid by anyone... although I will include a referral link at the bottom in case you want to give them a look and help me out a bit. I've paired these with a set of memory foam ear pads, and I'll never go back. In fact, I like this set up so much that I bought the same headphones and ear pads for my sister as an xmas gift. She seems to love them as well.

The only downside is that I wish the cable was removeable, although I plan on taking real good care of these so I don't think it will be an issue. If you're looking for an amazing sounding pair of headphones, I can't recommend these enough. I'd also highly recommend you pair them with the memory foam ear pads, they go great together. I'll post a link to both below.

Since this is technically a review, even though I've just been rambling about how awesome they are, I'll give them a score of 5/5. If anything ever happens to these headphones... I'll buy the same exact ones again. Monitors are the only types of headphones I'll ever use after this.

Headphones: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Ear Pads: Brainwavz Replacement Memory Foam Earpads

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