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Friday, May 16, 2014

Are you pumped for Mario Kart 8?

If not, you should be. Now that the embargo for reviews has lifted, they've been flooding in and seem universally positive. Not that anything else should be expected for Mario Kart, but it's still good to hear. Here are some excerpts from a few...

"Once again Mario and friends are suiting up and tearing up the track, with 16 all-new courses and 16 remakes. Although a number of Mario Kart games have featured track reworks in the past, this time around they're depicted in glorious HD, which makes a world of difference and utterly transforms them in a way that wasn't previously possible." - Destructoid

"Mario Kart 8 lifts that winning formula from the blurred, blocky home of Mario Kart Wii, providing a drastic boost in visual quality in the series' first lap in HD. From rippling, Cheep Cheep-infested waters to the marks left on the pavement from sharp turns, Mario's brand of racing looks the best it ever has." - joystiq

"Mario Kart 8 is a beautiful, fun kart racer that introduces sound new ideas to Nintendo’s 22-year old franchise. " - IGN

And that's just a few. I certainly didn't need the big gaming sites to give it good reviews, but it doesn't hurt. I'll be downloading my digital copy the moment it's available on the Nintendo eShop, and I'll let you know soon after what I think of the game. Spoiler alert: I'll probably love it.

If you prefer physical copies, you can get yours right here.

If you get Mario Kart, either as a physical copy or digital one, make sure you let me know what you think of it.

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