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Monday, April 14, 2014

Here's 5 interesting subreddits.

Reddit is an interesting place. You've probably heard of it and even used it, but check out these 5 interesting subreddits. You just might learn something cool.

1. /r/wicked_edge

This subreddit is dedicated to the art of wet shaving. This type of shaving usually uses older shaving gear, such as safety razors and straight razors. I've switched to using a safety razor myself, and love it so far. It's much, MUCH cheaper than buying all those multi-blade cartridges and much more satisfying.

2. /r/Keyboards

Keyboards used to be based on mechanical switches, but most modern keyboards you buy use a rubber membrane under the keys. Pressing this down onto the circuit board completes a circuit. Recently, mechanical keyboards have been a roaring comeback. People like the way they feel and sound much better than membrane keyboards. I plan on getting one myself soon.

3. /r/Futurology

This subreddit is dedicated to study, speculation and information on future technology of all kinds. A very interesting read.

4. /r/privacy

Privacy is a pretty big subject right after, post-NSA revelations. There's a lot of really useful information here on the subject.

5. /r/unexpected

A pretty funny read, a lot of stuff that's... what... unexpected. Just note that the links should be considered NSFW, whether they're marked that way or not.

There's my list. Did I miss any? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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