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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey internet, cut it out already.

YouTube Comments.

No, I don't give two shits what funny or dumb thing some random jackass left in a YouTube video comment.

Pictures of your baby.


Pictures of yourself in a mirror.


"My phone was stolen but I used GPS to find it. They caught the bad guys and it was GEEK JUSTICE!!"

Heard it. A million times. Yay for you. Stop it.

Blahblah Narwals blahblah Bacon blahblah...

You people really need to get over yourselves. You know who you are.

Like this on Facebook for...

Get cancer. Seriously. All of the cancers. Real and imagined. I can't properly put into words how sick I am of Facebook. When that bitch Mark Zuckerfuck dies I will find his grave and I will shit on it.

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  1. "When that bitch Mark Zuckerfuck dies...."
    Exactly the way I feel about Apple computers and Steve "iDead" Jobs.
    There are too many appleboys walking around with a hard-on saying "Look at me, I've got an
    Apple computer, I am great, I'm going to get laid whenever I want because I'VE GOT AN APPLE COMPUTER and I am great!!"
    Eat shit and die. My friends Apple in for service (hardware failure) SIX times and he still wants to BJ Steve Jobs. High price does not mean high dependability.


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