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Friday, December 23, 2011

Hey GoDaddy, fuck you!

Update: GoDaddy has put out a statement saying they no longer support SOPA. Well, I say, too little too late. One phony blog post doesn't change their support for SOPA, especially only 24 hours after they doubled down on it after this boycott was gaining steam. They also support the senate version of this bill, the Protect IP act which is also horrible. Move your domains, either ASAP or on the 29th. Do not give these people any more business. They don't deserve it.

This domain name, DavidGX.com is currently registered with GoDaddy. That will change at the earliest opportunity.

Why? Well, it turns out that GoDaddy supports the awful SOPA legistlation. I won't go into the details of why SOPA is bad because I'm sure you can find that in about two seconds on the internet as everyone is up in arms about it. I refuse to do business with a company that agrees with it, if I can avoid it.

This idea is starting to gain popularity, as this arstechnica article describes. The "move your domain" day is set for the 29th of this month, for everyone with one or more domain names registered with GoDaddy to move them to somewhere else.

As for alternatives, there's name, servage, and gandi just to name a few.

So once I get a spare few bucks I'll be moving my domain, once that happens I'll make a small post about it just in case there's a small amount of downtime associated with it.

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