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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hey AMD, bite me.

So I've spoken recently about my troubles with AMD (formerly ATI) graphics cards. Not the cards themselves, mind you, but the drivers.

My issues have been mostly with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Saints Row The Third. When Skyrim launched, there was no support for CrossfireX (using multiple cards together) for AMD cards. Nvidia, their competitor, had a similar update for Nvidia graphics cards the day BEFORE the game released. It took AMD roughly 2 weeks to fix this. Currently, Saints Row The Third performs poorly on AMD graphics cards. It performs well on Nvidia cards. Saints Row The Third has been released for about 3 weeks now and still no driver update of any kind to address this issue.

So, several AMD employees send various message on twitter, usually relating to AMD products and announcements. They often respond to people who send them messages and ask questions, so I've been attempting to ask about this issue there. I usually get no response to anything, but earlier I did. Here's how it went...

Me: @CatalystMaker Any idea when we'll get a driver update for Saints Row The Third?

Him: @DavidGX Guess you didnt read my last tweet to you ;-) I dont have anything to do with GPU drivers for a very long time now

Me: @CatalystMaker Then why are you still using the CatalystMaker handle? Seems very misleading.

Him: @DavidGX Cause that has been my gamer and forum handle for a decade - also the twitter bio has the info, right?

Me: @CatalystMaker Well then who SHOULD I ask about this? Not being able to play this game ever since I bought it is garbage.

Him: @DavidGX the other guy you keep tweeting is in charge of that

Me: @CatalystMaker Well he never responds. Considering things, I know he's not hard at work on any driver updates so... I dunno.

Him: @DavidGX not cool ;-(

Me: @CatalystMaker Well that's how I feel. It took 2+ weeks for a Skyrim update, still no SR3 update. I feel like shit for choosing AMD cards.

So let me clarify a couple things. He had mentioned to me before that he didn't do the driver updates, that was an honest mistake on my part. I meant to ask the other guy, CatalystCreator. Still, an honest mistake, I think, since the names are very similar.

Yeah, I probably sounded a little perturbed. Spending so much money on AMD cards only to have them not supported properly is not only frustrating, but honestly sad. Being such an AMD fan and seeing games getting fixed sooner and running better on Nvidia cards is heartbreaking. As far as the other guy I "keep tweeting" I've sent him several messages over a period of time, only because I didn't get any responses. I figured he was getting so many messages mine was lost in the chaos or that I was tweeting at the wrong time. It's not like I flooded him with tweets or anything like that.

So, why post this? Well, apparently he blocked me. This is the first time I've seeked out any kind of customer support from AMD, usually fixing issues on my own or through the help of others online and this is the experience I have.

Just incredible

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