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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A few things that bother me.

Archery contests... I mean, like the ones in the movies. You may have seen one of these, particularly in a Robin Hood movie. You know how it goes, the bad guy gets a bullseye, dead center. Then comes the hero and hits the same spot, splitting the bad guys arrow down the middle. He wins...

Why?? He made the same exact shot! It's not better! How does that make sense? That's bullshit.

Either Disk Jockeys need to start riding the disks or actual Jockeys need to start making music with the horses. That shit is confusing.

Chop sticks are not used for cutting. They should be called pickup sticks... but that's a different thing entirely. Why?

Now whenever I see the words "pop tart" I think "Britney Spears." But perhaps that's because I need sleep.


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