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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Would a 2012 Obama defeat mark the end of politics in America?

That's not the alarmist ramblings of an Obama fanboy, I'm really wondering that.

What do I mean? Well, look at politics recently. Republicans are doing everything they can do make Obama lose the next presidential election. They say no to every idea, they vote against anything he or his supporters propose. They're completely and utterly unwilling to compromise on anything if they think it would make him look good, even if they end up hurting the country in the process. We've had obstructionism in politics by both sides for a very long time, but lately it seems far, far worse.

What I wonder is, if Obama DOES lose in 2012, will that be a signal that this new, more aggressive kind of obstructionism works? Not just works, but works on a grand, president-defeating level? Will that mark the end of traditional politics forever? After all, if Republicans see that this can work, why ever stop?

I don't see how we could ever go back to honest debates and compromise, even for short periods of time if this works. That's the reason I'm going to vote for Obama in 2012, to help send a message that this kind of "we wanna win, fuck the country" stuff won't fly. That's why I think you should, too.


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