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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama is mad. Good.

I'm sure you've heard about this, if not...

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama abruptly ended a tense budget meeting on Wednesday with U.S. Republican leaders by walking out of the room, a Republican aide familiar with the talks said.


I hope he's finally mad. I hope he's fucking pissed off. Why? Well maybe that'll remove some of the naivety that, I believe, he's had so far.

It was easy to see from the beginning. Obama thought that if he came to Washington with a level head, sound logic and a respect for all sides of an argument he could really get things done. Really change the way the system works. What a stupid idea.

The republican party is not something you can just reason with. They don't want honest, reasonable discussion and debate. They want to oppose Democrats, period. They want to make everyone think that Obama is some kind of tax hiking, job killing socialist nazi boogie-man. Even if that means fucking the whole country financially and everyone in it. It's all about 2012 and damn everything and everyone else. 

THOSE are the kind of people he's dealing with and I hope he finally understands it.

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