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Monday, July 25, 2011

Look at you, being all e-trendy.

I'm no stranger to the internet and its assortment of memes. Both the currently popular ones and the not currently popular but still repeated endlessly anyway ones, but there are a few that I find particularly annoying lately. Here's a list.

First world problems! This one is a response to anyone who complains about something minor. It's supposed to be clever, I think. It's not.

Hipster! A currently trendy pseudo-insult.

Neckbeard! Another currently trendy pseudo-insult.

OMG UR GOTZ TROLLED! If you have to say that you're trolling, you aren't. This is commonly used to try and cover a fuck up or failed argument.

Come at me BRO! This or anything with the word "BRO" attached to it just needs to stop. You're just embarrassing yourselves.

I N C E P T I O N! Or any other V A R I A N T of the meme. It's really, really old now.

Am I doing this right? If you have to ask that, whatever you're doing, the answer is no.

That's all that comes to me at the moment, I'm tired as hell. Yes, I keep weird hours. I know. I'm a weird person... have you read this blog before? If so, you'd already know this.

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