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Monday, July 18, 2011

Attention News Media.

Enough with Casey Anthony. I get it, she murdered her daughter, I completely agree.

Honestly, I do. I think she did it. Even the jurors seemed to think she probably did it, but didn't see enough evidence to convict her beyond a reasonable doubt. Fine, whatever. The system works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I think OJ was guilty too, but it happens.

Not that I'm not as saddened by the innocent verdict on the murder/abuse charges as anyone else, but I think I've heard enough about this bullshit by now. Haven't you?

I turn on the news and I'm likely to either see "OMG WHERE'S SHE AT NOW?" or parts of the trial being replayed, again.

Perhaps the only thing I learned from this whole thing is that Nancy Grace, host of a show on CNN is a screeching harpy who talks over her guests constantly. A lot of people, apparently, already knew that. I was only unfortunate enough to learn that information during the trial coverage.

And please, media, don't cover this shit for the next 6 months. Following her around, speculating on what interviews she might do or where she might travel. Etc, etc. I don't give a shit. I really don't. She can go make a million dollars or jump in the ocean with Osama for all I care. Get over it already.

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