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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding.

Attention Internet, news and world: I don't give two shits about the royal wedding. Really. Honestly.

Now, I rarely watch the traditional news anymore, I get most of it online. But, no matter where I get news, I hear way too much about the wedding. Why does ANYONE outside of England care about this? At all?

The "royals" don't even have any power, they're just figureheads! Who gives a shit? In America, it would be like putting this much focus on a marriage between the Taco Bell dog and another chihuahua.

As for America, let me also say this... I don't give a shit about Donald Trump running for president, either. He's just a loudmouth attention whore. Really. Ignore him. He's the current Sarah Palin of politics. I don't believe he's really going to run and if he does, he doesn't stand a chance.


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