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Sunday, April 10, 2011

If I had a reality TV show...

What would you do, if you had one? What kind of antics would you pull?

I, personally, would love to see one do weird, random shit in the general public. Just confusing stuff to watch peoples reactions. Here's a few ideas...

15 people, all dressed as superman, form a conga line. They conga in one Wal-Mart entrance, through the store and out the other. The last one in the line has a boombox to play the appropriate music. No explanation, they just do that and leave.

Find out when a funeral is happening and have a clown car show up and have like 8 clowns get out. Just start juggling and stuff. When people start going "WTF" just have the clowns act confused like they thought this was the address of the party.

Just random crap like that. I think it would be funny... but I'm weird.

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