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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why has...

Why has the KKK never sponsored a bleach? You'd think they would. I mean, the sheets and everything.

If you're in the KKK, you're sheets HAVE to be white! They're nazis about that stuff... and most everything else.

On a related note, don't you just want to see some guy show up to a KKK meeting, it's his first day and he's wearing some fresh prince of bel-air sheets?

"dude... bob... WHAT THE FUCK?"

"Well my other sheets were dirty, you haven't told me what bleach we use yet! Come on, look, it's got Carlton! He's at least half white, right?"

"...god damnit Bob..."

Maybe that could be the commercial.

"Well, at the KKK we use [brand] bleach for the absolute WHITEST WHITES! Whites so white, you'll sieg heil! Stains will be absolutely lynched."

...too far? Maybe a little.

Just a small update. I decided to email the KKK and ask what bleach they use. Here's the email.

I just wanted to write and ask what the official bleach of the KKK is? I mean, I figured you guys have GOT to have white sheets. It must be some kind of requirement or something.

Thanks for your time.

If they respond, I'll let you know.

EDIT: Holy shit, I finally got a response!

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