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Saturday, January 29, 2011

NO to the internet kill switch.

I just received this email. Instead of forwarding it via email, I thought I would post it here.


Are our leaders better than Egypt's? Governments know that the Internet is increasingly the lifeblood of democracy -- that's why Egypt's oppressive regime just shut down the Internet there.

But even as American politicians condemn Egypt for doing so, they've introduced legislation to give our government the power to do the exact same thing here at home!

Will you click here to demand that our leaders stand up for the First Amendment and fight this horrible proposal?

The so-called "Kill Switch" would let the president turn off our Internet -- without a court even having to approve the decision. The proposal passed through committee last year, and is poised to do so again unless we fight back.

Just click here to urge your Senators to protect free speech by opposing the Internet Kill Switch.

Thanks for taking a stand.

-- The Demand Progress team

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