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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday gift ideas.

I know what you've been thinking... "Why can't some random asshole on the internet give me some holiday shopping ideas?" and I'm here to help.

Here's a few gift giving ideas from me to you.

1. Wii
Yeah, of course. You know Wii. do I have to explain? Nintendo has sold a bajillion of these things. I had one a couple years ago and sold it for lack of interesting games. I recently picked it up again and am happy to say that problem seems to have been solved. There's plenty to love about this system no matter what age you are. System is available in White, Black and even a limited edition Red bundle.

2. G13 Gameboard
I've had one of these for a while now and love it. Fantastic way to play a variety of PC games but especially good for games like World of Warcraft. Features a ton of keys, analog thumb stick, great rubber grips, programmable functionality and a screen to display a lot of information. The keys are lit and can be set to any color you want. I can't imagine playing an MMO without it at this point.

3. Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4.
Probably the most comfortable mouse I've ever used. Has a unique vertical design that alleviates wrist and arm stress. You don't need to have issues with PC mice to use it though, it's a joy to use either way. It's probably the only PC mouse I'd use at this point. This is the new version, version 4. I'm still using 3 personally but I'll be ordering this soon. A must have for, in my opinion, any PC user. Especially if you tend to spend a lot of time on your PC.

4. Fatal1ty USB Headset.
Yeah, you may have heard that the actual guy who goes by the name "Fatal1ty" is a huge asshole. He probably is. But the headset is still quite awesome. This headset is USB, meaning it plugs into any USB port on your computer and bypasses your sound hardware. And it works even if you have no sound card or built-in hardware for sound. the sound quality is great, the headset is comfortable even over long periods of time and the mic is removable. Plug it in when you need it, disconnect it and put it away when you don't. The mic itself sounds good and is very flexible.

5. Battery charger.
May qualify more as a "stocking stuffer" than a full-on gift but... really, everyone needs a battery charger. Once you get one you realize that you were incredibly stupid for not doing so sooner. This one will charge AA batteries as well as AAA batteries. This may be one of the biggest money savers you buy this year. Do the math yourself, a set of AA batteries will recharge a good 100 times or so before you have to replace them. Four AA batteries, at least 100 charges. You get 4 AA batteries that keep you from buying around 400 or so. You see what I'm talking about? It's a no-brainer. If you or the person(s) you're buying for don't have one, get them one. NOW!

That's all for now. I may have more later. Give these a look, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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