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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The gamestop experience.

Does anyone else hate gamestop? I sure do. The typical gamestop experience, for me, goes something like this:

I walk into gamestop, crowded and sometimes cramped. TONS of used games, way more than new ones.

I check for PC games, but, of course, no PC games are even being sold there anymore for some reason. I guess used console games make up most of their profits. They don't give a shit about PC games any more, except for the occasional big seller like the WoW expansion Cataclysm.

I pick up a "new" game. I say "new" in quotes because, of course, it's just an empty box. I go up to the counter and the guy pulls the "new" game out of an envelope. So the game has already been opened, handled and if you believe what some have said online, probably taken home and played. This is not by any definition a "new" game anymore and how this shit is legal I'm not even sure.

I'm at the counter and here comes the bullshit questions.

"Do you have any games to trade in towards this purchase?"


"Are there any upcoming games that you would like to pre-order today?"


"Would you like to insure this game for a year against scratches and blahblahblah?"


"Would you like to sign up for a Gamestop card? It comes with a magazine subscription and blahblahblah...."


"Do you know how much money you could save by switching to Geico for all your insurance..."


Etc. How irritating.

This is why I almost never go to gamestop any more. What a hassle.


  1. Actually, it is a new game. Out of a batch of copies of a game, they do open one to use the box as display, but the CD is immediately sleeved and never touched. I used to work there.

  2. Yeah but opened and handled means it isn't new anymore. That's now a used game.


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