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Monday, September 13, 2010

What pisses me off? Signs.

Yeah, signs. You've seen them, surely. They stand around all day, doing nothing but bossing others around.

They say things like "YIELD" or even "STOP" but they almost never have anything positive to say. "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" or "NO U-TURN". Etc, etc. They have a true "can't do" attitude about life.

Who are these lazy assholes to boss us around? Hell, they even tell us how fast to drive on the roads. And we listen, why?

And who's behind the signs? Who places them? The government. That's right, signs are an evil liberal plot by our secret-muslim president barack hussein obama. To control our lives. To limit our freedoms.

Think about that the next time you get any false ideas that this nation is free. It's not.


  1. You’re totally right, and the worst one is a picture of a child crossing the road. Next time I’m in a school zone, I’ll speed up. Not because I hate children, not because I’m a psychopathic asshole, but because it’s my civic duty.

  2. "Land of the free" yet ten billion laws. Think about that sometime...


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