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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A tv show.

I have a great idea for a TV show. It would be called "Trolling the nation" and would basically involving harassing/pranking/trolling various people in public places.

One idea for a skit involves a small circus showing up at someone's funeral. Clowns, the works. They're obviously told they're in the wrong place but they just start performing. People are shocked/confused/angry while some guy is attempting to pull a rabbit out of his hat and a clown is making balloon animals.

Another involves my previous idea of dressing up as the grim reaper, going to a retirement community and just... peeking in the windows. As if waiting for something.

Yet another involves people dressed as giant pairs of scissors showing up outside an elementary school. They're there to promote the good practice of running with scissors. Maybe a little song, something like :

"We're the scissor people and we're here to say,
that running with scissors is A-OK!
It makes you strong and it makes you tough,
So run with scissors ev-ery-day!"

Or some such stupid thing. Just to see how angry the teachers/staff get.

And perhaps some random stuff, like having 50 people form a conga line and start at one entrance of a wal-mart and conga all the way to the other and then just leave.

Maybe a rich-Englishman character. Big hat, monocle, etc. He goes to a school play and randomly interrupts it with "MY WORD THIS IS RE-DONK-ICULOUS!" and other such random phrases that make no sense.

I've got a million ideas. Most of them horrible.

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