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Monday, September 20, 2010

I've always wanted...

I've always wanted to be a pigeon. So I can see the sights and then shit on them from above.

I've always wanted a colt. Because I ACTUALLY want a horse, just later.

I've always wanted about three fifty. I think it will make me feel better about everyone thinking I don't exist.

I've always wanted a time machine. So I can go around collecting moldy burgers, drop them in the time machine and BAM, fresh again. Time machine = free burgers. Hell yes.

I've always wanted a cowbell. So I can trick the neighbors into thinking we have cows in here. I'll probably have to work on my "moo" though.


  1. I too want to be a pigeon, but why waste shit on "things" when you can shit on people?

    "I've always wanted about three fifty."
    What is three-fifty? Is it the new four-twenty?

    Run several "Mickey D's" burgers back far enough through a time machine and you will have your horse !!!!!

    Your website needs more cowbell ! :)

  2. Ah...

    Pony + Time = Pony
    Colt + Time = Horse

    Just for the record.


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