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Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm so full of... charity.

I saw a sign in a store earlier with the text "help send children with serious illnesses to camp".

The first thing I thought was "Great, extermination camps. We'll strengthen the gene pool and prevent the spread of disease" but then I realized that they didn't mean THAT kind of camp. It was a charity for sick kids. That's ok too, I suppose.

But that gave me an idea. I'll start my own charity, "Help send children with minor illnesses to camp". Your child have a cold? Disneyland. Slight fever? Chicken pox? Computer camp. It's brilliant, am I right or what?

Here's the REALLY great part, instead of using the profits to send the children with minor illnesses to fun places, I save it. I use it to open an extermination camp for the children with the serious illnesses. You know, strengthen the gene pool and prevent the spread of disease.

It cannot fail.

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