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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you think...

Do you think if everyone just decided to show up at an airport one day dressed as osama bin laden, would they shut the airport down? Would they just begrudgingly allow people to fly? Would everyone be searched slowing the already slow airport experience to a complete crawl? If someone got turned away could they sue the airport. If EVERYONE got turned away, could they sue the airport?

How much would a lawsuit like that cost the airport if they lost? Could this be the weird costume-party/prank that destroys the airline industry?

Do you think that if president woke up one day and just wore a batman costume the whole day he'd get a ton of shit? I mean, for the press, diplomats, U.N. meetings even, everything. I bet people would make a FAR bigger deal out of that than the atrocities that george bush put this country through, don't you think so?

Do you think penguins ever get to go to non-formal events? I'd imagine it would be difficult.

Do you think the whole, "Magnetic pole-reversal" thing is a plot by companies that sell compasses? I mean, if the poles suddenly reversed, EVERYONE would have to by new ones. Very suspicious...

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