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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apparently "The Last Airbender" is shit.

Now, I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender and when I heard a live action movie was being made, I figured it wouldn't be any good. Just because of the history of anything-that-isn't-a-movie to movie transitions.

After seeing the actual casting, I was almost certain it would suck. None of the actors look like the characters in the animated series. And check this detail out (from the review):

And then there are plot points in THE LAST AIRBENDER that are just plain dumb. See if my logic makes sense. Leading up to the big battle scene between the firebender warriors and the water bender monk-like people, a water dude makes a point to say that everyone in their camp should put out every fire so the fire people won't have anything to…bend, I guess.

What? Really? They need actual lit fires around them to bend? Since when? You may not understand my confusion unless you've seen the animated series but trust me... it's bullshit.

I can only hope this movie doesn't do very well so the sequals don't get made. At least then, Toph, my favorite character from the series is spared the butchery of m night shammallamadingdong.

Read the full review.

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