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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Product Review: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone.

So instead of a nonsensical incoherent rant about politics, I thought I'd talk about something I got a while back and love the hell out of. The Sony MDR7506 headphones. These are what's known as monitors. That means instead of trying to enhance or boost any particular part of the audio, it tries to be as accurate as possible. Portraying the sound exactly as it was recorded and mastered.

Monitors are very popular among professionals, who need to hear the audio as accurately as possible. They're also a hit among purists and audiophiles. I'm no audiophile myself, but I definitely have a better appreciation for high quality audio after using these for a while. I use them for... everything. I don't have speakers hooked up to my PC so if I'm at my computer, I'm wearing these headphones. Considering that I do most of my gaming and TV watching on my PC, that's a lot.

I know this sounds like a giant ad, but I assure you I'm not being paid by anyone... although I will include a referral link at the bottom in case you want to give them a look and help me out a bit. I've paired these with a set of memory foam ear pads, and I'll never go back. In fact, I like this set up so much that I bought the same headphones and ear pads for my sister as an xmas gift. She seems to love them as well.

The only downside is that I wish the cable was removeable, although I plan on taking real good care of these so I don't think it will be an issue. If you're looking for an amazing sounding pair of headphones, I can't recommend these enough. I'd also highly recommend you pair them with the memory foam ear pads, they go great together. I'll post a link to both below.

Since this is technically a review, even though I've just been rambling about how awesome they are, I'll give them a score of 5/5. If anything ever happens to these headphones... I'll buy the same exact ones again. Monitors are the only types of headphones I'll ever use after this.

Headphones: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Ear Pads: Brainwavz Replacement Memory Foam Earpads

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Politics are dumb.

I'm not sure why anyone who says they'll "bring change" or "make America great again" are believed. Whichever party wins the election, they'll still have to deal with the House and Senate. They can't pull a magic wand out of their ass and make huge decisions on their own. Whatever crazy vision they have for this country is probably going to stay in their head. Hell, I voted for Obama (the first time he ran) and what was his big idea? A fucking idiotic version of "universal healthcare" that just involves forcing everyone to buy private insurance? Wow, great change, so much hope! THANKS OBAMA!

Why people still have any faith in ANY candidate from ANY party is beyond me. What are the Democrats going to do if their person wins? I haven't heard any big ideas. What about Republicans? Repeal Obamacare? And replace it with what? I don't know. Probably nothing. If you're thinking that voting for a third party candidate is a good idea, stop thinking. It's not. Watch this.

I'm just kind of ranting here, but I do have a few good ideas for some ACTUAL change. Here's what I want to see.

Change the damn voting system.

Our "first past the post" voting system is stupid. Click the above link and watch that video if you haven't and you'll see why. It makes voting for a third party or "out there" candidate a completely wasted vote. You're forced to vote for one of the two main parties. I'd like to vote for my preferred candidate, not just the one that stands the most chance of winning because of a ridiculous voting system.

Term limits for Congress.

I'm not sure why the House/Senate have no term limits. They are desperately needed. Mark Twain said "Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason." I think it's true.

Reform the NSA.

Edward Snowden a traitor? Edward Snowden is a national hero. The traitors are working for the NSA. They violate the constitution and spy on innocent people suspected of nothing. They should, in my opinion, be put on trial for treason. So should every politician involved in allowing them to do what they're doing. It's disgraceful. I'm not trying to say that we shouldn't be able to tap a phone or read someones emails, but there should be a warrant and a DAMN good reason for doing so when it happens. If a candidate for any office doesn't share my opinion on this, I have no interest in helping them get into office. Fuck 'em.

End Citizens United.

Allowing billionaires to pump money into the system for attack ads with no accountability is ridiculous. No, money is not speech and a corporation is not a person. This needs to go ASAP.

Until we see some actual reforms in the system I see no use in voting or even keeping up with any of this mess. It'll just be different faces with the same rhetoric and empty promises as the last election cycle. Thoughts?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Top 5 things I don't give a shit about.

  • Cecil the Lion. It's a lion. We have a lot of those. They're legal to hunt in the country where Cecil was shot. Lions are killed all the time in that country. Get over it.

  • Israel. I'm not from Israel and I'm not in Israel, I see no reason whatsoever to care about it. A lot of people do, I don't. It's just another country.

  • Flags. The American flag, the Confederate flag, flags in general. They're just symbols. I don't care if you fly a flag, wear a flag, burn a flag or eat a flag. It's a damn flag. If you care so much about a flag, maybe you should focus on what it's supposed to represent instead.

  • Armed Forces. While I'm aware that we need soldiers/marines/etc and I'm happy they exist, it's a job. You take the job, you get your paycheck. I don't get all teary eyed when I see someone in fatigues walking around Wal-Mart. Window washing is a pretty dangerous job too, but I don't thank them for their service.

  • Politics. I voted for Obama during his first run against McCain, twice. Once in the state primary for Louisiana and again in the general election. I didn't bother when he ran for reelection. I didn't see a need. After the past year, I've learned that both the left and the right are pretty worthless and our two party system makes voting for a third party the same as not voting at all. I don't have enough faith left in anyone to vote. I don't trust either party anymore. If anything really big happens, I'll hear about it through other people, but I've stopped paying attention to it.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

To Kotaku: Confessions of a former troll.

So it seems that Kotaku is asking for stories from former Internet trolls. Here's a snippet:

Now, I felt like this was my chance to tell my own personal story so I sent a response. Here it is:

Click images for the full size version

If I get a response, I'll let you know.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My thoughts on the E3 2015 conferences.

While E3 has only recently started officially, the conferences from the "big three" have already happened so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them.


I don't have an Xbox One nor do I have any interest in spending the money to buy one, but I thought the Microsoft conference was good. Halo 5 looks nice, as does Gears 4. I'm not really sure how much the "Hololens" will be useful for gaming, but like the Kinect it's likely to find MANY uses outside of it.

Their new cheater controller is stupid, as is its $150 price tag. I'm also not sure about the backwards compatibility. They did the same thing with the Xbox 360, using software emulation to play original Xbox games. If worked for the titles they supported, but they dropped support before they even got close to the full library of the original Xbox. I wonder how long they'll keep adding supported Xbox 360 titles?

Final Score: 3/5


Well, Sony did most of what I, and I think everyone, wanted and more. We got a confirmation of the existence of The Last Guardian on PS4. We got an announcement of a remake of Final Fantasy 7, which fans have been BEGGING FOR for years. I just hope they can adjust some things to make the story make some sense. I played Final Fantasy 7 and had it explained to me several times and still don't know what the hell is going on in that game.

We also got to see some actual game play footage of the new Kingdom Hearts, which looks nice. I've never played a Kingdom Hearts but I hear good things, so I'm looking forward to it. The usual stuff looks nice, No Man's Sky, Final Fantasy XV, mostly stuff we've seen before. The only downside is that games like the Final Fantasy 7 remake will also show up on PC. That kind of lessens the appeal of the system. Still, I think Sony did a good job and I'm looking forward to a lot of the games shown.

Final Score: 4/5


Ugh. While nothing they showed, other than the new "Metroid" games, were bad, but just weren't new. Nintendo has a track record of dropping bombs and surprising people, in that regard this E3 presentation from them was a HUGE disappointment. Maybe less so if you have a 3DS, but I was still very disappointed. The only thing for Wii U that was showed that we haven't seen before was the new Star Fox. For the record, I think Star Fox looks awesome. They also showed Xenoblade, but we've seen that. They showed Super Mario Maker, but we've seen that. You get the picture.

We got no footage of the Wii U Zelda, no new Metroid game for Wii U, nothing new on the Virtual Console front, no Splatoon content announcements, etc. I think something like an HD port/remake of Super Mario Sunshine would have been nice, but, yeah, nothing like that. Nothing that really stood out or WOWED people. It really does feel like they're winding down support for the Wii U, and that makes me sad. they've got some good stuff coming soon for the system, but seemingly nothing beyond that. Hell, they even mentioned their next "dedicated gaming platform code name NX." They said we'd hear about it next year, but even mentioning it signals to me that the Wii U's time is almost over.

Final Score: 1/5

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